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Manufacturer: New Ware
Name: Mercury/Gemini/Apollo Decals
Scale: 1:48
Kit contents: decals
Comments: This detailed set of decals is intended for use with the Revell/Monogram 1/48 scale Mercury/Gemini kits as well as the Revell 1/48 scale Apollo CSM/LM and the Monogram 1/48 scale First Lunar Landing along with the 1/6 scale Apollo astronaut kits. Decals are included for all of the Mercury spacecraft markings (except for the painted crack on Liberty Bell), including the thermal stripes on the retropack. Decals for the Gemini spacecraft include the adapter section thermal stripes, the red markings on the nose section and other details. And likewise, all markings for the Apollo CSM and LM are included. Markings for the Apollo astronaut also include markings for the Hasselblad camera. The instruction sheets clearly show which markings are relevant for the mission being modeled with clear to understand wraparound drawings used in most cases. Markings are identified by code numbers which are called out by the instructions.
Order from: New Ware
ing. Tomas Kladiva
Klimkova 5
710 00 Slezska Ostrava
email: tom.nwkits@seznam.cz
web: http://www.mus.cz/~ales/newware/
(as of 12/6/10)
$11.00 plus shipping

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