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Manufacturer: New Ware/Kora Models
Name: Bumper
Scale: 1:35
Kit contents: 2 resin parts
Comments: This kit is to be used with the Dragon/DML (Revell) 1/35 scale V-2 kit to depict the two stage Bumper sounding rocket. The two resin parts represent the nose cone of the V-2 and the WAC Corporal upper stage. The resin parts are solid, with a smooth surface finish. The WAC Corporal's fins on the V-2 nose cone piece are *very* thin and fragile: one and a half of mine had broken off in shipping. There's also a bit of flash below the fins that will take some care in removing so as not to damage the fins themselves. Both resin parts are still on their pour plugs. The instruction sheet directs the modeler to build the V-2 kit normally, leaving off two top parts and showing where to cut of the upper part of the V-2 for fitting the replacement parts to represent the WAC Corporal. A short program history, a guide to show where to place the decals and a four view painting guide complete the instructions.
Reference Price: $15.00

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Sven Knudson