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Manufacturer: Nautilus Models
Name: Agena-Gambit (Keyhole 7) conversion
Scale: 1:72
Kit contents: 2 resin parts
Comments: This is intended to be used with the Horizon Models 1/72 scale Atlas kit to create a model of the Keyhole 7 spy satellite launch vehicle. The resin parts are solid with crisply molded details and a smooth surface finish. There are some minor air holes at the edges of the parts. Both parts are still on their pour plugs. The parts are keyed so that they can be assembled in the proper orientation to each other. The instructions are fairly minimal, consisting of some text and a drawing of the two parts assembled in the proper position. Some photos of Keyhole launches and some web site references are the only hints of a painting guide, so you'll need to do some additional research to finish your model.

Thanks to Nautilus Models for the review sample
Order from: Nautilus Models
PO Box 564
Bagdad, FL 32530

web: http://www.nautilusmodels.com/
email: nautilusmodels@gmail.com
(as of 5/9/21)
$25 plus shipping

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Sven Knudson