Gemini Launch Vehicle

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Assembly drawing

Parts drawings

Recommended materials for construction

1TwoWood - pineSilver
2 Assy.OneWood - dowelSilver
3TwoMetal brazing rodSilver
4FourWood - pineWhite
5OneWood - pineWhite
6OneWood - dowelWhite
7OneWood - dowelWhite
8EightWood - dowelWhite
9OneWood - pineSilver
10OneWood - pineSilver
11OneWood - dowelWhite
12OneWood - pineWhite
13OneWood - dowelWhite
14OneWood - pineBlack

Recommended procedure for construction

1Wood - pineCut to length. Turn to specified dimensions. Drill hole.Finish sand
2Wood - dowelCut 1/8" dowel to length and taper one end to specified dimensions. Cut base from 7/16" dowel and drill holesFinish sandGlue 1/8" doweling in holes of 7/16" dowel with epoxy resin.
3Brass rodCut to lengthCleanGlue parts no. 1 and 2 to part no. 3 with epoxy resin. Paint assembly silver.
4Wood - pineCut to lengthFinish sand
5Wood - pineCut to length. Turn on lathe to specified dimensions. Drill 5/8" diameter x 1-1/8" deep hole. Cut slots to specified dimensions. Drill (2) 1/16" diameter holes for part no. 3 per dimensions.Finish sand
6Wood - dowelCut to lengthFinish sand
7Wood - dowelCut to lengthFinish sand
8Wood - dowelCut to lengthFinish sandGlue parts no. 4, 6, 7, and 8 to part no. 5 with eopxy resin. Paint assembly white.
9Wood - pineCut to length. Turn on lathe to specified dimensions.Finish sand
10Wood - pineTurn on lathe to specified dimensions. Cut to length. Radius one edge per detail.Finish sandGlue part no. 9 to part no. 10 with epoxy resin. Paint silver.
11Wood - dowelCut to length.Finish sand
12Wood - pineCut to length. Turn on lathe to specified dimensions.Finish sand
13Wood - dowelCut to length.Finish sandGlue parts no. 11 and 13 to part no. 12. Paint white.
14Wood - pineCut to length. Turn on lathe to specified dimensions.Finish sandPaint black. Glue part no. 12 to part no. 14
Glue parts no. 1, 2, and 3 to part no. 5.
Apply surface details to parts no. 5 and 14 using appropriate paint or India ink
Model standWood - dowel
Wire (solder)
See detail sheet for specified dimensions. Drill hole in dowel for wire clip.Finish sand wood surfaces.Glue dowel to base. Paint black. Form wire clip.

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