NACA X-Plane decals

Looking for something just a little different? How about alternate tail markings for some early X-planes? Available from the Flight Test Historical Foundation at Edwards AFB are a set of NACA shields and tail numbers for the Douglas D-558-I, Bell X-1 #2, and the Douglas D-558-II which were all flown at Muroc in 1949. The set includes decals in 1/32, 1/48, and 1/72 scale for all three, plus an additional set at 1/56 scale for the Revell Skyrocket kit. A listing of known kits as of 1998 is included on the instruction sheet which also contains a reference list, photos of all three aircraft tails, and a text painting guide for the NACA livery. At $3.00, which includes shipping, this set is a real bargain.

NACA decals

Ordering info:

Flight Test Historical Foundation
PO Box 57
Edwards, CA 93523


Sven Knudson