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Manufacturer: Muroc Models
Name: M2-F1 Lifting Body
Scale: 1:72
Kit contents: 29 resin pieces
3 vacuform pieces
metal rod
styrene strip
Comments: The resin parts are nicely cast with crisp details and no visible air holes. The bottom tub of the fuselage has internal ribbing detail molded in place. Most parts are still on their pour plugs. Parts are provided for a complete interior, including the roll cage which is represented by very delicate resin parts with a fair amount of flash that will have to be removed very carefully to avoid breaking them. The instructions even mention that the roll cage may not be visible when the model is completed... Precut metal rods serve as the main landing gear struts, while the nose gear strut is resin. Clear, thin vacuformed parts are provided for the canopy, nose and left side window. These parts are shipped taped to their resin masters so they don't get warped. The instructions include a short program history, a very helpful illustrated parts list, multistep text instructions with illustrations and a painting and decaling guide.
Order from: AFFTC Museum Gift Shop

PO Box 57
Edwards, CA 93523

phone: 1-877-358-8378
fax: (661) 277-8051
web: http://www.edwardsflighttest.com/models.html
email: fthf@antelecom.net
(as of 9/4/07)
$25.00 plus shipping

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