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Manufacturer: Newman R&D/Muroc Models
Name: Bell X-1A
Scale: 1:144
Kit contents: 13 resin pieces
1 vacuform piece
Comments: The resin parts are nicely cast with some flash around the smaller parts but no visible airholes. The fuselage is cast as a solid piece, with cutouts for the cockpit, nose wheel well and wings. There is a seam line that will need some work on my sample. The wing is also cast as a single piece and fits into a cutout on the fuselage. The model is meant to be built with the landing gear down: you will have to make some modifications to depict a wheels up configuration. A decal is included for the instrument panel, but all other cockpit detail will have to be scratchbuilt. A thin clear vacuformed part is provided for the canopy: it's shipped on its resin master so cutting it out will be easy. The instruction sheet consists of a short program history, an illustrated parts list, multistep text assembly instructions with detail drawings. Painting and decaling guides are included for the original orange rollout scheme and bare metal flight configurations.
Order from: AFFTC Museum Gift Shop

PO Box 57
Edwards, CA 93523

phone: 1-877-358-8378
fax: (661) 277-8051
web: http://www.edwardsflighttest.com/models.html
email: fthf@antelecom.net
(as of 9/4/07)
$11.00 plus shipping

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