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As the title says, this site is devoted to that type of modeling, just to keep it within reason. I don't have anything against other subjects (I just love looking at armor dioramas, but I wouldn't know a bogie from a bacall if my life depended on it), it's just that I can't be all things to all modelers. So, all you space modelers out there (and you know who you are), let's get together and make this a useful, informative and (most of all) fun web site. As for you other modeling types, if you know of any web pages devoted to your subjects, let me know and I'll include a link to them.

Things of Note...

Bill Grush of Star Realm says although his retail operation closed several years ago, he still has plenty of space model kits, including the USSR Soyuz and DDR Buran kits. He is updating his kit list and welcomes queries via email at:


Google has changed their terms of service and I can no longer use their search engine. Sorry.

I want to extend a big Texas "Thank you!" to John Ross, the director of the Fort Hays State University Forsyth Library in Kansas. He provided space on the FHSU library server for this site from 2002-2008. I've since moved to a commercial server, but I wanted to make sure that John and FHSU get thanked for helping me out during those years.


Looking for a nice hardwood base for your model? The Modeler's Weapon Shop has a nice selection at reasonable prices. Check it out at:


Dan Shippey of Delta 7 Studios has a free memorial paper model of the Columbia available for download.


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Rob Schorry has created an Excel spreadsheet that plots parabolic curves. He uses it to shape parabolic antenna dishes on his spacecraft models. Directions on how to use it are embedded in the spreadsheet. Of course, you'll need a copy of Excel to make it all work...


For those of you needing to make conical shrouds and transitions, Robert Blaske has a Javascript shroud calculator program at This program calculates shrouds (cones with the top cut off) as a flattened shape. It calculates radii and angle to a high degree of accuracy using any unit of measure.


Resources on this site:

  • Alternate history of the B-49

    Ever wonder what would have happened had the B-49 become operational? Check out this possibility

  • Chuck Davenport's modeling tools

    The former President of the IPMS/USA has developed a set of plans for some very useful modeling tools that you can build.

  • Email list

    Sort of like a newsgroup, only transacted by email, the Space Modelers email list is a way for space modelers to discuss all aspects of the hobby, from the research to the construction of models. Flame wars are not allowed! Check out this page for a small list of guidelines and subscription details. Or check out the list archive at to see what you've been missing.

  • Email list photo archives

    The space-modelers email list uses the Yahoo photos area for sharing photos. However, the size of the storage is limited. Periodically the area is cleaned out and the photos moved to here for permanent storage.

  • Email list vault archives

    The space-modelers email list uses the Yahoo files area for sharing files. However, the size of the storage is limited. Periodically the vault is cleaned out and the files moved to here for permanent storage.

  • Foto galleries Updated! 6/5/19

    Photos of models, IPMS/USA Nats, real space hardware, and museum tours can be found here.

  • Mike Mackowski's IPMS Judging Guide for Space and SF Models

    So you think you have what it takes to win an IPMS contest, do you? Better make sure you follow these hints from a real IPMS Space Model Judge.

  • Other scale model web sites

    Looking for other modeling sites on the web? Here're a few... follow the links and you'll stay gone for days. And thanx for stopping by here on the way.

  • Paper models

    There are a bunch of places on the web that have paper models of spacecraft and experimental aircraft that are available for free downloading. All you have to do is print them on your own printer, then cut and glue. They are a nice break from the plastic habit, and you can't beat the price.

  • Quick Looks Updated! 8/4/19

    You've heard about the resin kits available from the mail order manufacturers, but what do you get for your money? Check out these capsule reviews with photos and descriptions of the kit parts.

  • Rec.models.scale FAQ

    Need some hints on how to handle resin kits? Got a painting problem? Check out the FAQ list from the rec.models.scale newsgroup.

  • Reviews and Articles

    Some of these kits are kinduv expensive and only available via mail order. How do you know what you're gonna get? Check out some of these kit reviews and make up your own mind. There are also good articles on building real space subjects.

  • Spacecraft and X-plane models listing

    Ever wondered if a kit existed of your favorite space subject? Feeling nostalgic? Check out this listing (with many boxart photos) of pretty much every space kit that's ever been released.

  • Tips and Reference Data

    Have any questions about how to build a specific kit? How do you find reference material? See if there's some help here for you...

  • Foto galleries

  • Models
  • 1995 IPMS/USA National Convention
  • 1996 IPMS/USA National Convention
  • 1997 IPMS/USA National Convention
  • 1998 IPMS/USA National Convention
  • 1999 IPMS/USA National Convention
  • 2000 IPMS/USA National Convention
  • 2001 IPMS/USA National Convention
  • 2002 IPMS/USA National Convention
  • 2002 IPMS/USA National Convention (photos by Glenn Johnson)
  • 2003 IPMS/USA National Convention
  • 2005 IPMS/USA National Convention (photos by Glenn Johnson)
  • 2006 IPMS/USA National Convention (photos by Tom Castronuova)
  • 2007 IPMS/USA National Convention
  • 2008 IPMS/USA National Convention
  • 2009 IPMS/USA National Convention
  • 2012 IPMS/USA National Convention
  • 2013 IPMS/USA National Convention
  • 2014 IPMS/USA National Convention
  • 2015 IPMS/USA National Convention
  • 2016 IPMS/USA National Convention (photos by Troy Bidwell)
  • 2017 IPMS/USA National Convention
  • 2018 IPMS/USA National Convention
  • 1999 Austin Scale Model Show
  • 2002 Austin Scale Model Show
  • 2004 Austin Scale Model Show
  • 2005 Austin Scale Model Show
  • 2006 Austin Scale Model Show
  • 2007 Austin Scale Model Show
  • 2008 Austin Scale Model Show
  • 2014 Austin Scale Model Show
  • 2015 Austin Scale Model Show
  • 2016 Austin Scale Model Show
  • 2017 Austin Scale Models Show
  • Photos from Al Cikas
  • Space and X-planes Updated! 6/5/19

  • Real Hardware
  • Apollo Updated! 12/27/18
  • European space program
  • Gemini Updated! 12/27/18
  • International Space Hall of Fame
  • International Space Station
  • Kennedy Space Center (Spaceport USA)
  • Launch Complex 34 photos
  • Lunar and Planetary probes Updated! 12/2/18
  • Mercury
  • N-1 Launch Video
  • Pima Air and Space Museum
  • Robert Goddard wing of the Roswell Museum
  • Rockets and launch vehicles
  • Soviet Space Updated! 12/27/18
  • Space Murals, Inc.: "The People's Museum"
  • The Space Museum
  • Space Shuttle
  • Space Suits
  • Spacecraft Recovery Photos
  • Titan Missile Museum Tour
  • Trinity Site Tour
  • Udvar-Hazy Center
  • USAF Space and Missile Museum
  • USAF Space and Missile Museum: Schriever Era Exhibit
  • White Sands Missile Garden
  • X-planes

  • Reviews and Articles

  • 3SF 3D: An Exhibition of Science Fact, Science Fiction and Science Fantasy Models and Art Work
  • Apollo 16 CSM/LM
  • Building the First US Space Station
  • Building LM-11: Apollo 16's Orion
  • Building Luna and Vostok launchers
  • Building the Mercury/Redstone
  • Building the Saturn V and LUT
  • Cashulette Shuttle LUT Conversion
  • Converting IPI's Toy Apollo CSM into an Accurate Scale Model
  • Converting the Revell Armageddon Russian Space Center Model to the Mir Space Station
  • A Cool Way to Display Launch Vehicles
  • Creating Space Book Review
  • Cutting Edge Pegasus XL Review
  • Divine Vessel and Heavenly Palace: Building China's Manned Spacecraft and Space Station
  • "The Eagle Has Landed": Building an accurate Apollo 11 LM
  • EVA Models decal set review
  • EVA Models Figure kit review
  • EVA Models LRV kit review
  • Fantastic Plastic SpaceShip 2/White Knight Carrier kit review
  • First Look: New Ware Models LM Detail Sets
  • How to Build a Miniature Moonshot 8 Feet Tall
  • InterMountain Railway ISS kit review
  • International Space Station - Evolution and Modeling
  • Little Joe: Mercury's First Steps DVD Review
  • Lunik III: A Novel Approach to Modeling Soviet Spacecraft
  • MACH-2 Ariane V kit review
  • Mach 2: D-558 and X-2 DVD Review
  • "Man Must Explore"
  • Marco's Miniatures ASTP kit review
  • Men Into Space book review
  • Mir kits review
  • Model Airplane Ideas space modeling articles
  • Modeling the Gemini in 1/24 Scale
  • Modeling the Invisible: The Van Allen Radiation Belts
  • Modeling the ISS
  • The Moon at Sweden's Observatory Museum
  • Muroc Models X-38
  • NACA decal set review
  • New Landscapes for Eagle Lander 3D
  • Phil Reeder's Trip to Space Camp
  • 2006 Update
  • 2007 Update
  • 2008 Update
  • Saturn V Special
  • 2009 Update
  • Quick Looks Updated! 8/4/19
  • Quick Look: Aoshima "Hayabusa" MUSES-C
  • RealSpace Models 1/96 scale CSM kit review
  • RealSpace Models decal set review
  • Repairing the Hubble Space Telescope
  • Revell 1/48 scale Apollo kit review
  • Revell ASTP kit review
  • Rho Models Energia-Buran review
  • Rho Models Zenit review
  • Rockets: Physical Science Teacher's Guide with Activities
  • Russia in Space - An Exhibition
  • Scratchbuilding the Mir Space Station in 1/72 Scale
  • Shanghai Dragon Long March review
  • Soyuz: The World's Longest Serving Manned Spacecraft
  • Space Decal Set review
  • Sputnik launcher kits review
  • STC Start Energia-Buran kit review
  • Total Solar Eclipse at the Space Museum
  • Towards the Moon Exhibition
  • The Mot Manen Exhibition
  • USAF: A Chronological History and Guide to Resources book review
  • The V-2 in America DVD Review
  • Visit of a Lifetime

  • Tips and Reference Data

    If you have any specific model information, a tip that you'd like to share, or suggestions about the organization of these tips, drop me some email and I'll see what I can do.

    Building techniques

  • Accenting panel lines
  • Gold tinted visor
  • Resin casting primer
  • Resin tips
  • Dioramas

  • Modeling runways
  • FAQ Lists

  • Rec.models.scale FAQ
  • Part fabrication

  • Casting resin
  • Making Mercury capsule shingles
  • Scale reference data

  • ALSEP Documents
  • Apollo CSM
  • Apollo-modelers email list vault archives
  • Apollo Ops Handbook Block II
  • Colors of real space subjects
  • FS595b ordering information
  • Coatings and Finishes for LM-10 through LM-14 Specification
  • LRV Documents
  • Mercury detail drawings
  • Mercury/Redstone kitbash
  • Model Spacecraft Construction
  • Modeling NASA Aircraft (Microsoft Powerpoint presentation)
  • MPC Vostok kit pamphlet
  • NASA Aircraft
  • National Air and Space Museum Archives info
  • Photos of Real Hardware
  • Revell 1959 Missiles and Rockets Encyclopedia New! 6/9/19
  • Saturn V details
  • Scaleroc email list abridged archives
  • Skylab launch shroud painting guide
  • Titan II detail drawings
  • USGPO info
  • X-Planes Bibliography

  • Other scale model web sites:

  • Business related

  • Accurate Models
  • Ages of Sail - Wooden Ship Kits
  • Airfix
  • Airmodel
  • Albion Hobbies
  • All about Remote Control Planes
  • Andromeda
  • Anigrand Craftswork
  • Apogee Components
  • aRRa Models
  • Atomic City Models
  • Attic Aircraft
  • Bare-Metal Foil & Hobby Company
  • Belcher Bits
  • BUZZ Space Models
  • Collector's Guide Publishing
  • CultTVMan's Hobby Shop
  • Dean's Hobby Stop
  • Delta 7 Studios
  • DRAW Decal
  • Fantastic Plastic
  • Fiddler's Green Paper Models
  • FineScale Modeler
  • Geoblox
  • Gremlins in the Garage!
  • Hannants International
  • Hobbylink Japan
  • Horizon Models
  • HPM Publications
  • Imex Model Company
  • Mach 2
  • Martin's Model Accessories
  • MDA Precision
  • Micro Artwork
  • MicroMark
  • Minicraft Tools
  • Muroc Models
  • My Model Hobby
  • New Ware Space Kits
  • Nick Proach Models
  • NCP Hobbies
  • Online Metals - Small Quantity Specialists
  • Planet Models
  • Quest: The Magazine of Spaceflight
  • RealSpace Models
  • Revell-Monogram
  • Roll Models, Inc.
  • The Scale Card
  • Scale Model Communication Satellites
  • ScaleCraft
  • Seaway's Ships in Scale Magazine
  • Sharkit
  • Space Craft International
  • Space Monkey Models
  • Squadron Mail Order
  • Starship Modeler Store
  • Stratosphere Models
  • Tamiya
  • Tango Papa Decals
  • Taskboard
  • Victory Models
  • Xenon Project R/C shop

  • Clubs and personal pages

  • 1/72 Scale Rockets, Missiles, Drones and RPVs
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey - 3D Modeling Archive
  • Aircraft Modelling for Beginners
  • ARC Real Space Modeling Discussion Forum
  • Aries Paper Models
  • AXM Paper Space Scale Models
  • Aviation Archives
  • Card Modeling FAQ
  • Champlain Valley IPMS
  • The Complete Future
  • Dem Brudders New! 8/16/19
  • Hampton Roads Scale Modelers
  • International List of Scale Model Related Web Sites
  • IPMS/Toledo Plastic Modelers
  • IPMS/USA 2016 National Convention
  • IPMS/USA 2017 National Convention
  • IPMS/USA 2018 National Convention
  • IPMS/USA 2019 National Convention
  • IPMS/USA 2020 National Convention New! 8/16/19
  • Keith McNeill's Space Models Photography
  • Ludwig's Modeler's Library
  • Luft'46
  • Mat Irvine's smallspace
  • Max Mutchler's "Do it yourself" instructions for building a Hubble Space Telescope model
  • Meatball Rocketry
  • Model Aircraft Universe
  • Model Buzz Forums
  • National Archives for Spaceflight
  • Ohio Valley Spaceport
  • The Saturn V Clinic
  • Sci-Fi and Fantasy "Modeling the Unusual"
  • Scratchbuilding a 1/96 Saturn V
  • SF3D Original
  • SMOKIN Project page
  • SMOKIN II Project page
  • Space in Miniature
  • Space Is the Place
  • Starship Modeler's Resource Site
  • Tony Matteliano's Scale Model Bookmarks
  • Vincent Meen's Space Model page

  • Museums and other sites of interest

  • Aerospace Guide - Space Projects and Info
  • Aircraft Photos
  • Aircraft Picture Gallery
  • All About Model Cars
  • Apollo 11 30th Anniversary
  • Apollo 15 Flight Journal
  • Apollo Lunar Surface Journal
  • Apollo Press Kits
  • The Apollo-Saturn Reference Page
  • Armstrong Flight Research Center
  • Astronomy Clipart, Images and Stock Photography
  • Astronomy Prints at Barewalls
  • Astronomy Prints at Free Art
  • Astronomy Stock Photography at Can Stock Photos
  • Aviation Week
  • British Columbia's Aviation History
  • Brook Mar Observatory
  • Buran Space Shuttle
  • California Science Center
  • Cliff Steenhoff's collection of NASA photos
  • Contact Light: A Personal Retrospective of Project Apollo
  • Deep Cold
  • Eagle Lander 3D
  • Espace Lollini - Space Philately Specialist
  • A Field Guide to American Spacecraft
  • Flight of the Valkyrie
  • Florida Today Space Online
  • From Biplanes to Jets: The History of the Airplane
  • From Coalminer to Astronaut
  • Global Effects Space Suits
  • Go Graph Stock Photography Database - Astronomy
  • Gunter's Space Page
  • Historic Space Systems
  • JSC Digital Image Collection
  • JSF Memorabilia
  • Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center
  • Karl D's Little Space Museum
  • Imagine Image Multimedia
  • Links, Links, and More Links for the Really Bored Person
  • Lunar Module, SpaceCraft Assembly & Test, Grumman Bethpage
  • Lunar Module Coatings Page
  • Mark Wade's Encyclopedia of Spaceflight
  • Mars Exploration Rover Technical Data
  • Mars Polar Lander Slide Set
  • Military Factory: Military and Civilian Aircraft of the World
  • Missiles and Rockets archives
  • Molniya Research Industrial Corporation
  • N1 Photo Clearinghouse
  • NASA E-Books
  • NASA History Office
  • NASA "Meatball" Logo
  • NASA Technical Diagrams and Drawings
  • NASA Technical Reports Server
  • National Air & Space Museum
  • National Museum of Naval Aviation
  • National Museum of the USAF
  • Project Mercury Documents
  • Red
  • Russia Space Science Internet
  • Spacecraft Exhibits
  • Spacecraft Films
  • Spaceline: Covering Cape Canaveral Past, Present, and Future
  • Taking Kids on Vacation: All about Airplanes
  • Titan I Epitaph
  • Titan II ICBM Web Page
  • Universe Today: Space News from around the Internet, updated every weekday
  • V-Missiles of the Third Reich
  • - The A4/V2 Resource site
  • Virtual Space Museum
  • White Sands Missile Range Museum
  • X-15 - Hypersonic Research at the Edge of Space

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