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Manufacturer: Roberts Model
Name: X-Planes Set
Scale: 1:144
Kit contents: 9 resin parts
42 white metal parts
9 two piece resin stands
Comments: This set includes parts for the Bell X-1, X-2, and X-5, the Douglas D558-II Skyrocket and X-3 Stiletto, the Northrop X-4, the North American X-15, the Grumman X-29 and the Rockwell/MBB X-31. Each aircraft's parts come in separate bags, so you know which parts go where... Solid resin parts make up the main fuselages. There is a mold seam on each part that needs some work, and each piece has at least one airhole that will need filling, but the parts have also been slotted for the metal wings and tail surfaces. The metal parts are nicely molded with fine raised control surface separation lines. The jet vector paddles of the X-31 are also represented by a metal part. No landing gear is provided, but 9 two piece resin stands are included to display the aircraft in flight poses. Decals are made by Tango Papa decals and provide the national insignia, tail numbers for one of each type (i.e., 6062 for the X-1), and the stripe pattern for the X-29. The instructions include three view drawings of each aircraft and text assembly and painting instructions.
Order from: Roberts Model
18 East Clay Avenue
West Hazleton, PA 18201

fone: (570) 450-5647
web: http://www.swiftsite.com/Rosemonthobby/xplanes.html
(as of 2/3/04)

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