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Manufacturer: Akatombo Works
Name: Bell X-22 VTOL
Scale: 1:72
Kit contents: 47 resin pieces (+ 8 spares)
1 clear vacuformed piece
Comments: Reviewed by Wojtek Michalik
The resin parts (really high quality) are finely molded, with some flash, but no evident pinholes. There is a small seam on the fuselage parts, which are molded in left and right halves. The panel lines are fine engraved. The instruction sheet includes a three view drawing, text assembly instructions - in Japanese. A painting and decaling guide is also included in the instructions. The decal sheet includes instrument panel, the standard Star and Bar and USAF markings along with the specific X-22 markings.
Order from: Akatombo Works
E-mail: MXF04137@nifty.ne.jp or akatombo@seaple-n.icc.ne.jp
web: http://member.nifty.ne.jp/AKATOMBO/
(as of 6/1/02)
5000 JPY

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