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Manufacturer: Space Model Systems
Name: Apollo CSM Decal Set
Scale: 1:48
Kit contents: decals
Comments: This is the ultimate set of decals for your 1/48 scale Apollo Command and Service Module model. Not only does this set include the standard UNITED STATES and US flags, it also includes all the umbilical stencils, serial numbers, etc. for everything on the CSM including markings for the BPC (Boost Protect Cover) and LES (Launch Escape System). Included with these markings are terrific wraparound guides that shows where each decal goes on the model. These guides alone are worth the price of the decal set! Since you can't read the smaller stencil markings, they are identified by numbers on the decal sheets. These numbers are called out on the wraparound guides to make placement easy (assuming you can handle the tiny bits of decal...). The registration of the colors is dead on in my set with very crisp printing.
Order from: Space Model Systems
12417 Hesby St.
Valley Village, CA 91607

email: rick@spacemodelsystems.com
web: http://www.spacemodelsystems.com
(as of 2/10/02)

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