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Manufacturer: Project-X
Name: Bell X-5
Scale: 1:72
Kit contents: 6 resin pieces
1 clear vacuformed piece
15 metal pieces
Comments: The resin parts are solid with engraved panel lines and no visible airholes. There is a visible seam along the fuselage, but it's not too bad. Two sets of wings are provided: one fully swept and the other fully extended. The wings are still on their pour plugs, while the fuselage and tailplane are free. The metal parts make up the cockpit, landing gear, gear doors, and probes. The instruction sheet includes a three view drawing, an exploded parts drawing, text assembly instructions and a program history. A painting and decaling guide is also included in the instructions. The decal sheet includes the standard Star and Bar and USAF markings along with the specific X-5 markings.
Order from: Precision Enterprises Unlimited
PO Box 97
Springfield, VT 05156

phone: 802-885-3094
(as of 1/24/00)

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