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Manufacturer: Cosmic Miniatures
Name: Ares Mars Rocket
Scale: 1:200
Kit contents: 12 resin pieces
Instruction sheet
Comments: This kit is meant to be used with the Lindberg, Hasegawa, or other 1/200 scale Space Shuttle kit to represent Robert Zubrin's proposed booster for the Mars Direct program. It consists of a payload launch shroud, a power unit, four main engines and two solid rocket booster nozzles (to make up for the missing nozzles in the Lingberg kit). The launch shroud is formed over a PVC core to keep the weight down (but it's still pretty heavy). My part has a prominent seam, some molding irregularities and some airholes that will need filling. The power unit has engraved panel lines and locating holes for the attachment points. The instruction sheet consists of a side drawing of the power unit mounted on the external tank/SRB combination. The box top has a photo of a completed model that serves as a painting guide.
Reference price: $35.00

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Sven Knudson