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Manufacturer: Kora Models
Name: A4b (Configuration III) Conversion Set
Scale: 1:35
Kit contents: 9 resin parts
Comments: The resin parts are solid and provide the wings, fin extensions, and other parts to convert the Dragon (DML) or Revell 1/35 scale V-2 kit into the A4b configuration. The parts have a smooth surface finish with engraved panel lines and rivet detail molded in place. The parts are still on their pour plugs. The instruction sheet contains diagrams showing where to use the parts on the V-2 kit and also includes a four view paint scheme.
Order from: New Ware
ing. Tomas Kladiva
Zelazneho 6
712 00 Ostrava 2
email: kladivat@zto.cz
web: http://www.mus.cz/~ales/newware/
(as of 6/15/01)
$10.00 plus shipping

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