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Manufacturer: Martin's Model Accessories
Name: Saturn C-3
Scale: 1:144
Kit contents: 69 resin parts
Comments: This kit represents the C-3 version of the Saturn family of launch vehicles. It was to be used with the Earth orbit rendezvous technique to assemble a moon lander in earth orbit. When the lunar orbit rendezvous technique was decided upon, the C-3 was canceled in order to concentrate on building the Saturn V. The resin parts are mostly hollow and lightweight. Details are crisply molded with a smooth surface finish, but there are a number of molding gunges and irregularities that will need cleaning up. The parts will also need to be sanded to a clean edge. There are some air holes on some of the parts that will need to be filled. The smaller parts, including the LES tower parts, will need to be carefully removed from their pour slabs. The F-1 engines for the first stage have been batted, so that's a nice detail in the kit. Additional fairings and other little greeblies are included to dress up your model. The instruction sheet includes a graphical parts list (without the greeblies) and text assembly steps. Since the rocket was never built, the paint scheme is up to you. UNITED STATES, USA, US flags and camera targets are included on the decal sheet.
Order from: Martin's Model Accessories
web: http://martins-models.co.uk/
email: martin.goldsack@tesco.net
(as of 09/23/13)

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