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Manufacturer: LVM Studios
Name: Soyuz Spacecraft TMA(-M)
Scale: 1:48
Kit contents: 44 resin parts
29 photoetched parts
styrene rod and strip
metal wire
resin display base with brass rod
Comments: The resin parts are solid with crisply molded details. There are some air holes, but they are primarily on the part of the orbital module that will be glued to the descent module. The insulation blanket detail is molded in place and looks very nice. All parts need to be removed from their pour plugs. The thruster nozzles are nicely hollowed out. The instructions include a short program history, a paint guide (calling out specific Revell enamel numbers), a graphical parts list showing the part numbers that are called out in the assembly steps. The assembly steps are annotated photographs with some inset details. Several photos of an assembled and painted model provide the painting and decaling guide. You'll probably want to refer to other reference material if you want to model a particular mission. A large resin disk and a brass rod are included as a display base for the model. The base has been predrilled for the rod, but you'll have to drill a hole in the model for the other end of the rod. Decals are provided for the generic markings along with the solar panel surfaces.
Reference Price:
€ 89.50 (includes 21% VAT)

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Sven Knudson