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Manufacturer: LVM Studios
Name: R7 Launch Pad: Soyuz Baikonur
Scale: 1:144
Kit contents: 236 resin parts
333 photoetched parts
precut sheet styrene
styrene strip and rod
Comments: This kit can be built into either the Soyuz or Soyuz TM version of the R7 launch pad at Baikonur. It includes the launch platform, umbilical arms, swingarm tulips, and service towers. If you want to display a launch vehicle on the pad, the recommended Soyuz rocket kit (not included) is either the upcoming New Ware R-7 Soyuz or the Maquette-MDS Soyuz TM. The launch platform itself is composed of resin and precut styrene sheet parts. The umbilical, tulip and service tower structures are composed primarily with photoetched parts, so get ready to do some folding. Be careful when handling the photoetched sheets: I got a couple of them tangled up and bent a few parts. (I now store the sheets taped to separate pieces of paper.) Resin parts provide details, cable drums, electrical boxes, etc. Styrene rod and strip and metal wire is to be cut to size as needed. The resin parts are solid with crisply molded details. The top and sides of the launch platform parts have a slightly rough texture, but the other resin parts have a smooth finish. All resin parts are still on their pour plugs and some have some flash that will need cleaning up. The instructions are in a PDF file on the CD-ROM. Resin parts are called out by shape, so you'll need to do some careful matching of parts to their shapes. Unfortunately, the shapes in the instructions are not in scale with each other. Photoetched parts are called out by the number next to the part on each lettered sheet, so identification is a little easier. The kit is built by subassemblies: Base, Lower Umbilical Arms, Tulips, Second Stage Umbilical Arm, Third Stage Umbilical Arm, and Service Towers. Each subassembly is then broken up into multi-step graphical sections with detailed inserts. I'm not sure, but it appears from the instructions that the tulips can only be positioned in the opened or closed positions, but the umbilical arms and service towers might be movable. A five view drawing of the complete assembly shows where everything is supposed to go on the launch base. No painting guide is included, but the CD-ROM also contains fifteen photos of the real thing to guide you in how everything is supposed to look.
Order from: LVM Studios
Goudplevier 106
5348 ZG Oss
The Netherlands

phone: +31 (0)646 080118
web: http://www.lvm-studios.com/
(as of 10/08/13)
€295.00 (VAT included) plus shipping

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