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Manufacturer: LVM Studios
Name: LC39S4 Detail Set
Scale: 1:144
Kit contents: 138 photoetched parts
styrene rod
styrene strip
styrene I-beam
Comments: This is the fourth kit intended to detail the Revell Shuttle Launch Tower kit (either #4910 or #4911) as it existed in the early part of the Shuttle program. This kit provides detail parts for the Orbiter and Intertank Access Arms, the GOX arm, emergency egress system, and walkways. All parts have their numbers etched next to them on the sheets. Styrene stock of various types and a length of wire are also included to be cut to size to provide other details. The CD-ROM includes the instructions in PDF format, which consist of profusely illustrated assembly steps, showing just how to bend the parts and how to adapt them into the Revell kit. Other files on the CD-ROM include a handful of low resolution photos showing the prototype model and some photos of the Real Thing (a few of them are in high resolution) to use as references.
Reference Price:
available only as a combination with Detail Set 5:€224.95 (21% VAT included)

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