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Manufacturer: LVM Studios
Name: LC39S2 Detail Set
Scale: 1:144
Kit contents: 13 photoetched parts
styrene strip
PDF instructions on CD-ROM
Comments: This kit is intended to detail the Revell Shuttle Launch Tower kit (either #4910 or #4911) as it existed in the early part of the Shuttle program. It provides the elevator shaft and elevator room for the LC39 Fixed Service Structure (FSS). The assembly instructions are in a PDF file on the included CD-ROM and acknowledge the fact that the Revell kit is actually closer to 1/160 scale than 1/144. They are profusely illustrated with both drawings and photographs showing exactly how to fold the parts. They also have painting guides and some reference photos, but you'll want to seek out plenty of references of your own, as the FSS changed over time. You can download a low-res version of the instructions from the LVM Studios web site if you want to get a preview of how extensive they are. Also included on the CD-ROM are the instructions for the Revell kit, in case you've lost your copy. This kit is also available bundled together with the other two LC39 detail sets: LC39S1: Platforms and stairs and LC39S3: Hammerhead crane.

Thanks to LVM Studios for the review copy!

Reference Price:
€ 56.00 (VAT included)

Parts views

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Sven Knudson