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Manufacturer: LVM Studios
Name: Gemini Interior Detail Kit
Scale: 1:24
Kit contents: 58 photoetched parts
styrene stock
clear plastic
paper template
Comments: This kit provides parts to superdetail the interior of the 1/24 scale Revell Gemini spacecraft kit. Parts are included to replace the instrument consoles and ejection seats, and to provide door and window details. Styrene stock is also included to fabricate some details, but you'll have to provide something to represent the seat cushions and footrests, as these parts are not provided in the kit (the instructions suggest using Milliput and styrene sheet). Wire is provided to represent switches and clear plastic is provided to cut into shape for the windows. The CD-ROM includes the instructions in PDF form, along with a number of reference photos (in low-res) and both volumes of the Project Gemini Familiarization Manual in PDF form. The PDF manuals are scans of the original McDonnel documents, so they are not searchable. They do, however, have a boatload of drawings that are great references. The instruction PDF file is searchable and contains diagrams of the part sheets, which are necessary as the part numbers are not etched onto the sheets themselves. The instructions consist of copious drawings and photos to illustrate the English text assembly steps.
Reference Price: € 27.50 (VAT included)

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Sven Knudson