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Manufacturer: Launch Complex Models
Name: Orion CEV
Scale: 1:48
Kit contents: 11 resin pieces
2 photoetched parts
brass rod and tube
Comments: This kit is based on the original NASA specification for the Orion CEV: built up it will be identical to the NASA desktop models. The resin parts are solid: really solid. The command module is molded as a single solid piece with a slightly textured surface finish and engraved panel lines. Some cleanup will be required on the mold seam and on the heat shield where the pour plugs are. There are a fair number of air holes visible just below the surface on the heat shield that may pop through upon sanding. However, there aren't any visible on the top side of the part. The service module is mostly solid, with large indentations molded in top and bottom for accomodating the command module and rear bulkhead. There are only a couple visible air holes on the outer surface, but there are a fair number on the indented bottom surface that will be hidden by the bulkhead. The pour plugs need to be cleaned up, but there isn't a visible mold seam. The rear bulkhead has thermal blanket detail molded in, along with a brass tube that serves as the solar panel attach points. The engine bell is hollow and has a mold seam that needs a bit of cleanup. The thruster packs also have some flash that will need cleaning. The solar panels are represented by two large photoetched decagons: cell detail is etched onto the front side. Brass rod and tubing is included to mount the command module to the service module so that they can be separated if desired. The rod is also used for mounting the solar arrays to the service module so that they can rotate. The modeler will have to to a bit of drilling: I'd recommend using a drill press to insure vertical holes so that everything will line up correctly. The instructions include detailed graphical steps, a photo of the completed model on the cover and conclude with a multi-view painting and decal guide.
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(as of 06/01/07)

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