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Manufacturer: Launch Complex Models
Name: Artemis Lunar Surface Access Module (LSAM)
Scale: 1:48
Kit contents: 53 resin pieces
10 photoetched parts
brass rod and tube
Comments: This kit is based on the original NASA specification for the Artemis LSAM: built up it will be identical to the NASA desktop models. The fuel tanks and crew module are solidly molded with no evident airholes. The fuel tanks have thermal blanket detail molded in place. Some cleanup work will be required on the mold seams and their pour plugs. The descent stage main core piece also needs a bit of cleanup, as do most of the rest of the parts. Most of the cleanup involves minor flash, but care will have to be taken with removing the upper and lower structures from their resin backing. The engine bells are nicely hollowed out, but the ascent stage engine has a number of airholes. The instructions call for five descent stage engines, but that's incorrect: only four are used. The legs have been molded around brass rod for added strenth: the rod will need trimming from both ends. Brass rod and tubing are also used to fit the ascent and descent stages together without gluing so they can be separated. I recommend using a drill press to ensure vertical holes. The rod is also used to make railings for the descent stage as well as the mounts for the attitude thrusters and ascent stage fuel tanks. Soldering is recommended in the instructions for this, but careful use of glue might work. Photoetched parts are provided for the thruster deflectors and deck gratings. The instructions include a multitude of detailed graphical steps. One of the steps isn't necessary: the descent stage fuel tanks don't need a slot cut into them as the slot has been molded in place. A photo of the completed model is on the cover of the instructions with a multiview painting guide finishing them off.
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(as of 06/21/07)

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