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Manufacturer: L'Arsenal
Name: NASA-JPL Lunar Probe Ranger 8
Scale: 1:24
Kit contents: 189 resin parts
19 photoetched parts
brass rods
wire mesh
vinyl tubing
instruction sheet
Comments: The resin parts are solid with crisply molded details and a smooth surface finish. There are some airholes at the top of the bottom instrument tower part that may need some attention. Most of the parts are still on their pour plugs and are identified by number molded into the plug. Most parts will require some cleanup. Many of the parts are quite delicate and will require care (and magnification) during assembly. Resin molds are included to form the wire mesh for the high gain antenna. Vinyl is provided to represent cables. The brass rods are to be cut and used for mounting struts or bent into shape to represent fuel and helium pipes. The instruction sheet includes a short program history and basic assembly tips for working with resin and photoetched parts. The CD-ROM includes a comprehensive set of graphical assembly steps annotated in French and English with painting instructions calling out Tamiya and Alclad paints, a graphical parts list and photos of a kit under assembly which will prove extremely helpful. It also includes some reference drawings and photos, some vintage and some of the Ranger on display at the National Air and Space Museum. As a bonus, NASA films from the mid '60s concerning Ranger are included that aren't much use as reference, but are fun to watch anyway.
Order from: L'Arsenal

web: http://www.larsenal.com/
(as of 5/7/15)
79.95 € plus shipping

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