Kennedy Space Center Photos

The first set are photographs I took when I visited the Kennedy Space Center (and Spaceport USA) in July 1996. Unfortunately (for me), the new Saturn V display wasn't open yet. The USAF Space Museum was closed, so the Blue Tour wasn't running. So I took the Red Tour, saw the shuttle pads, the VAB and the rest of Spaceport USA.

The photographs show much more detail than these scanned images. If anyone is interested in obtaining photographic copies of these images, contact me and we'll work something out.

The second set of photos is from Ricardo Salame who visited the Saturn V display which is now open.

And Tracy Kornfeld sent along another set of photos that detail the engines of the Saturn V. They are on a separate page to keep the number of thumbnails down.

Saturn V display

Tracy Kornfeld's photos

Other Apollo photos

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