Adams #K-161 - "Vanguard" at Cape Canaveral

box art

Boxart courtesy of "The Boxart Den"-World's largest display and collection of FULLY RESTORED rare & collectable model kit box art.

You have a choice to download the instruction booklet in either full color mode or black & white lineart mode. They are the same instruction booklet, just scanned two different ways for either full reproduction, or a quick check of the instruction steps.

Full color instruction booklet - 7.73 MB PDF file

Line art instruction booklet - 1.49 MB PDF file

You'll need something that can read the PDF format of the file. The most current version of the Adobe Acrobat software may be obtained free of charge from the Adobe web site:

Decals - click on the image (or right-click and 'Save Target As...') to get the full-size printable scan of the decal sheet.

decal sheet

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