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Manufacturer: JettModels
Name: X-53 AAW
Scale: 1:72
Kit contents: 1 resin part
decal guide
Comments: This conversion kit provides the dorsal camera pod and decals to convert an F/A-18A into the X-53 AAW (Active Aeroelastic Wing). The single resin part is solid with a smooth surface finish and no airholes. The original casting is still attached to its pour plug, while the more recent casting is ready to go. The CD-ROM contains a set of high resolution photos of the real aircraft that serves as the assembly/decaling guide. There's also a printed drawing of the plan view of the markings, with the markings identified by numbers. Painting is easy: the aircraft is white. The decals provide all the color required.
Order from: JettModels

(as of 9/30/15)
$8.95 plus shipping

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Sven Knudson