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Manufacturer: JettModels
Name: X-48 B/C
Scale: 1:72
Kit contents: 20 resin parts
four photoetched parts
Comments: This kit provides parts and decals for both the X-48B and X-48C Blended Wing Body Aircraft. The main aircraft bodies are solid with finely engraved details and very fine trailing edges that need a slight bit of cleanup. The jet engine ducts are nicely molded cylinders. There are no visible airholes in my parts, but the smaller parts do have some flash. Some of the parts need to be removed from their part tree. The main landing gear parts are photoetched, but you'll probably want to add some detail, along with the pitot tubes which aren't included in the kit. The CD-ROM contains enough high resolution detailed photoes that will provide the experienced modeler with all they need to build the models. And that's good, because there aren't any other instructions provided. But where else are you going to get not just one, but two X-48s?
Order from: JettModels

(as of 9/30/15)
$65 plus shipping

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Sven Knudson