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Manufacturer: JettModels
Name: Hyper-X with Pegasus Booster
Scale: 1:72
Kit contents: 7 resin parts
steel rod
3 magnets
Comments: The resin parts are solid with crisply molded details and a smooth surface finish. The Pegasus booster has a slight seam in front of the top fin that will need some smoothing and the back end of the Hyper-X needs the remnants of the pour plug removed, but the rest of the parts will need little cleanup. There are no airholes that I could see. A figure is included in some, but not all kits. The Hyper-X (X-43) can be purchased separately or with its Pegasus booster. You can also get the B-52 pylon and wing plug parts if you wish to adapt a Monogram B-52 carrier for the entire setup. The steel rod and magnets are to be used to allow the X-43 to be removable from the booster and for the Pegasus to be removable from the B-52 pylon. Decals are included for each kit option. Markings are provided for all three X-43 airframes (including rivet details), for each flight's Pegasus booster and mission markings for the B-52. A detailed painting and decal guide, along with instructions on how to mount the magnets and a CD-ROM containing 11 high resolution photos of the actual hardware finish out the kit.
Order from: JettModels

(as of 6/15/15)
X-43 flyer only: $15 plus shipping
X-43/Pegasus: $65 plus shipping
B-52 parts: $35 plus shipping
Entire set: $100 plus shipping

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