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Manufacturer: JettModels
Name: X-33
Scale: 1:72
Kit contents: 26 resin parts
precut styrene strip
Comments: This kit depicts the metallic skinned configuration considered at the end of the project. The main fuselage is molded in two parts: an upper and lower half, which helps cut down on the weight of the model. The parts are molded with crisp details, a smooth surface finish and some flash, especially on the landing gear. There are no visible airholes and the mating surfaces of the main fuselage halves will need very little cleanup. There are some vestiges of pour plugs that will need to be removed. The wings and rudders have pins that fit into the locating holes in the main fuselage. Wheel well details and full landing gear are provided if you wish to build the model with the gear down. The instructions consist of some text and photos showing how the parts fit together. There's no painting and decaling guide as such, but several color photos showing the X-33 in two different paint schemes can be used as reference.

Thanks to JettModels for the review copy!

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(as of 4/25/16)
$133 plus $14.95 shipping

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Sven Knudson