2019 IPMS/USA National Convention

Like last year, I attend the IPMS/USA National Convention without Krista. And, like last year, I was a bus wrangler. This year's trip was to Huntsville and the US Space and Rocket Center on Thursday. It was pretty cool seeing the 1/1 scale Saturn V mockup and all the other 'real' hardware there. However, I don't recommend the grilled chicken sandwich in the Mars Grill, unless you like dried up, tasteless junks of protein. When we got back to Chattanooga that evening, the space-modelers had our annual dinner at a local BBQ joint that was quite good. And we had the entire upstairs part of the restaurant all to ourselves, so that was nice. The number of entries for the Real Space categories was pretty good and David Carlton's 1/24 scale Deconstructed Apollo 11 LM was the star of the show. And it was a real treat to meet and talk with Bill and Dick Engar of Dem Brudders fame. I've been a fan of their column in the IPMS Journal for years.

Rob Schorry hosted the Modeling Real Space seminar again this year. He told how he built his 1/24 scale Explorer 35 model and his progress building the Soviet Luna 10 moon orbiter. He also gave an overview of Kevin Kilkenny's LLRV build (since Kevin couldn't attend the convention). I recorded the talk, so you can download the 720x576 (406 MB) video file. You may have to download the video file to your local digital device, as it doesn't want to play properly in a web browser for some reason. But it plays in my local media player after downloading.

David Carlton gave a seminar on building his award-winning Mercury-Redstone model that won the Best Space and Sci-Fi Entry at last year's Nats. Here's the 720x576 (486 MB) video file of that talk.

Saturday morning Mike Mackowski hosted a seminar on building his various Gemini models, one of my favorite subjects. I'm looking forward to his next Space in Miniature release which will cover his builds. Here's the 720x576 (682 MB) video file of that talk.

I had to leave the awards banquet a bit early, as I had a very early flight to catch the next morning, but it was always great seeing "the gang." Next year's show will be in San Marcos, Texas, July 29 - August 1, 2020. Las Vegas will be the site for the 2021 convention, and Omaha will host the 2022 show. Start making those plans!

As usual, I've limited the number of thumbnail images per gallery to 100. The photos are in the order in which I shot them. I shot all of the Real Space and Real Space Hypothetical contest entries, along with all the other real space type subjects that I could find on the contest tables (and most of the ones on the display only tables). Then I just wandered around the room, taking photos of those that caught my eye. I didn't try to photograph every model this year, so I have fewer pictures to share with y'all. I hope you enjoy them.

You can access a photo through its thumbnail on each gallery page or you can page through the photos, since they're all chained together.

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