2012 IPMS/USA National Convention

The 2012 IPMS/USA National Convention was held at the Disneyworld Resort Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, August 8-11, 2012. And I must say, Disneyworld pretty much won out in the competition for our attention. But I did manage to get into the model room for an hour or so on Friday afternoon and for about ten minutes before they kicked us out on Saturday afternoon. So I didn't get to look at all of the models... and there were a lot to look at. Had a great time seeing the gang again and also had a great tour of the VAB at the Kennedy Space Center on Thursday, including hearing the explosion of the Morpheus test vehicle from several miles away. Of course, we didn't know what the cause of the sound and puff of smoke we saw until we saw the reports on the test after we got back to the hotel. And it's way cool to stay in a hotel where a monorail comes right through the upper lobby! Next year's convention should be a lot drier and cooler in Loveland, Colorado, but it won't have quite all the diversions of Disneyworld so I'm sure I'll be spending more time marveling at all the incredible work in the contest room.

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Sven Knudson