First Look: New Ware Models LM Detail Sets

Mike Mackowski

Ed. note: Mike Mackowski presented this peek at the upcoming New Ware Models LM Details Set at the Real Space seminar during the 2007 IPMS/USA National Convention

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NewWare Lunar Module Detail Set, H Mission, Kit #NW068

This is a review of an early sample kit as of August 2007. The kit provides resin and photoetch parts to accurize the 1/48th scale Monogram LM into a detailed Apollo 11 or other pre- J series mission. A list of resin parts is shown below. Many of the parts are provided with enough multiples to build at least one kit with plenty of parts left over. For example, there are 24 Ascent Stage RCS thruster nozzles provided while 16 are needed. Of course, there are eight on each parts tree, so perhaps an extra set was provided in my sample. Similarly, each tree with the Ascent Stage blanket vents has ten of these tiny parts, while about 20 are required.

The resin is very good quality, showing fine detail (for example, the RCS thrusters have very fine ribbing around them). Detail is crisp and there were no voids or bubbles. The resin parts list is as follows.

  1. - landing leg pad - descent stage (DS)
  2. - landing radar - DS
  3. - hexagonal "box" on quadrant 3 - DS
  4. - ALSEP box - DS (next LM set will be probably ALSEP)
  5. - landing radar holder - DS
  6. - flag holder (on ladder) - DS
  7. - docking drogue - ascent stage (AS)
  8. - RCS nozzle - AS
  9. - mid of docking target - AS
  10. - correction of shape of right bottom side of crew compartment - AS
  11. - correction of shape of left forward bottom of midscetion - AS
  12. - correction of shape of left rear bottom of midscetion - AS
  13. - interstage fittings between DS and crew compartment of AS (behind egress platform) - DS
  14. - umbilical connection between DS and crew compartment - AS
  15. - docking window - AS
  16. - frontface correction for addition behind randezvous radar - AS
  17. - detail on top surface of cover of left tank in midsection - AS
  18. - ventral covers - AS
  19. - cross tie under rendezvous radar - AS
  20. - "bulge" on rear side of aft section - AS
  21. - rendezvous radar - AS
  22. - rendezvous radar - AS
  23. - rendezvous radar - AS
  24. - Sband antenna - AS
  25. - Sband antenna - AS?
  26. - Sband antenna - AS
  27. - Sband antenna - AS
  28. - egress platform - DS
  29. - EVA handrail holder - AS
  30. - rendezvous radar - AS
  31. - Sband antenna - AS
  32. - VHF antennas receiver

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Two sheets of PE parts are provided. The detail is excellent, and each sheet has embossed detail on one side. The PE parts list is as follows:

  1. - landing radar deflector - DS
  2. - landing leg downlock mechanism - DS
  3. - landing leg downlock mechanism - DS
  4. - landing leg secondary strut cover - DS
  5. - landing probe uplock - DS
  6. - landing probe uplock - DS
  7. -landing leg downlock mechanism - DS
  8. - bottom of aft section - AS
  9. - bulge on aft section - AS
  10. - downlock of EVA antenna - AS
  11. - window frame - AS
  12. -window frame - AS
  13. A - hatch (opened) - AS , B - hatch (closed) - AS
  14. - EVA handrail
  15. - parapet under hatch - AS
  16. - floodlight - AS
  17. - small addition for part 13 - AS
  18. - handrail (right side of hatch) - AS
  19. - docking light - AS
  20. - MESA deployment actuating handle - AS
  21. - MESA deployment actuating handle - AS
  22. - "gills" for right side of hatch wall - AS
  23. - "gills" for left side of hatch wall - AS
  24. - docking target - AS
  25. - docking target - AS
  26. - docking target - AS
  27. - VHF antenna - AS
  28. - rendezvous antenna - AS
  29. A - RCS deflector (correct, holder should be modified) - AS , 29B - RCS deflector (corresponding with kit) - AS

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NewWare Lunar Module MESA (H Mission), Kit #NW069

This is a review of an early sample kit as of August 2007. The kit provides resin and photoetch parts to build a Modular Equipment Stowage Assembly (MESA) for the 1/48th scale Monogram LM. The design of the MESA is appropriate for all missions thru Apollo 14. The MESA box is made by folding the piece of PE, while eight different resin parts are used to populate the equipment complement. There are about 35 unique PE parts, with multiples of several. No parts list is available at this time.

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Ed. note: Tom Kladiva of New Ware Models sent Mike the following information which Mike forwarded to me:

Unfortunately I have no list of of MESA parts (the detail set parts list was made especially for you because instructions were not finshed), it is not easy to name a lot of MESA parts for me even in Czech...

I am sending you almost final version of detail set instructions in pdf. Pictures will not change anyway, maybe one or two notes will be added more.

You have got your detail set really early (I sent it several days after receiving some resin masters), so I found some minor problems and modified (replaced) some resin parts:

4 - ALSEP doors were replaced by new part - the original box was too large and triangular "jag" on on bottom was missing (see instructions)

14 - was shortened, as the lower portion should run inside descent stage (the detail set is for those building complete LM, not separate ascent stage)

25 - box for Sband antenna - was completely replaced by much better looking part

29 - was shortened to length of 1,3 mm (original part was 2 mm)

32 - new VHF antenna receiver part

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Posted August 31, 2007