Photos from the 2002 IPMS/USA National Convention

Here are some photos I shot at the IPMS/USA National Convention, held at the Pavilion Convention Center in Virginia Beach. I didn't spend much time in the contest room, since I was helping Glenn Johnson out at the RealSpace Models booth. Of course, that's where the space modelers gravitated towards, so I would have spent most of my time at Glenn's booth anyway.
Glenn Johnson and his RealSpace Models booth. Click here to see his photos from the convention.

But I did manage to pop in to the contest room for an hour or so to see the wonderful work exhibited by our fellow modelers. The Real Space category had enough entries to fill a couple of tables.
Models in the Real Space category.

There weren't any V-2's entered this year. However a model of the Wasserfall (a V-2 derivative), did win first place in the category...

My tape recorder glitched out most of my taped notes, so I don't know who built some of the entries in these photos. If anyone knows any additional details about the models, or if I've made any errors in the descriptions, please let me know!

And, as always, these photos do no justice to viewing the models in person. Try to attend a National convention if you can. The 2003 convention will be in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, from July 2-5, 2003. For more information about that convention, see their web site.

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