Photos from the 2000 IPMS/USA National Convention

Here are some fotos I shot of models in the contest room at the 2000 IPMS/USA National Convention in Dallas. The convention was definitely different for us space modelers, but then the convention committee couldn't compete with last year's shuttle launch. We also didn't have a specific vendor's table to hang around, since none of the real space kit makers attended. (Usually we hang out at the RealSpace Models or EVA Models tables...) And head space judge Mike Mackowski also missed the show this year. In spite of all that, we had a pretty good time. It was good seeing old friends again and meeting friends face-to-face for the first time.

I was especially pleased that four entries were eligible for the SMOKIN award for the best Apollo-Soyuz Test Project model. As soon as Stephen Pombo unveiled his model, we all knew he would be taking the trophy home. It was truly an impressive effort. The other entries were also very well done... (of course, I haven't even finished mine)

The entry forms didn't have a place for the modeler's name, so I've guessed at a lot of the entries here... So if you can identify a modeler I couldn't, or you see that I've made an egregious (or even a minor) error, please let me know. You can just click on the first photo in the table and then traverse along, since the entire list is linked.

I apologize for the weird lighting on some of the photos, particularly the eventual Best of Show winner: the 1/72 scale aircraft motor collection. It was quite impressive and has to be seen to be truly appreciated. The quality of the craftsmanship of the models at one of these contests really has to be seen to be believed. If you can, try to attend one of these conventions sometime. Besides all the fantastic models to look at and all the wonderful things you can find in the vendors room, the people that attend are truly fun people to be around... especially the space guys! The next IPMS/USA National convention will be July 4-7, 2001, in Chicago, Illinois.

Contact info:
IPMS/USA 2001 National Convention
PO Box 377
Hazel Crest, IL 60429

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