Cayetano originally intended this to be just a testbed model before building the 'real thing' in 1/48 or 1/32 scale. But then he found Paul Fjeld's Lunar Module data page (soon to return to the web, we hope!) and the SMOKIN II page. Plus he got a whole lot of information from Ricardo Salamé who also suggested that he used bare-metal foil and colored aluminum sheets to cover the ascent stage. To cover the descent stage, Cayetano used pieces of a 'space blanket' painted with transparent tones where necessary. He used Adobe Photo Deluxe to create the digitally composited final image in this set. I think he's gone beyond the 'testbed' stage!

Base kit: Airfix
Scale: 1/72
Model by: Cayetano Mas
Photo by: Cayetano Mas