Cruise Missiles

Al sent the following notes about these models:
Twelve Squared BGM-109 Tomahawk
I would like to say that this was straight from the box, but... the kit's molds appear to be quite old and the kit itself is not very well molded. Thus about the only parts that can be used from the box (or bag in this case), are the body and wing. The tail fins are not very well done, and I replaced them with plastic card. The maintenance dolly was replaced with Evergreen "T" shaped styrene. The casters were removed from the kit's dolly and cemented onto the replacement dolly as were the supports for the missile. The engine exhaust was not very round, so a short section of brass tube was inserted and faired into the body with super glue. The missile's overall color is Light Ghost grey, with the dolly being painted a dark grey.

Conversion of the Monogram ALCM (AGM-86) to inflight configuration:
The ALCM comes as a part of the ordinance for the 1/72 scale Monogram B-1B bomber. They come in the stowed configuration, with the engine inlet and wings retracted, and the stabilizers and fins molded to the body in their folded configuration. As best as I can tell, the kit's ALCMs actually represent test models of the cruise missile, used for fit and compatibility tests on the B-1 and B-52, and do not represent an operational version of the ALCM. To convert them into the inflight configuration required the sanding off of the molded fins and tail surfaces from the body of the missile. Before this was done, rubbings using pencil and paper were made, to act as templates for their replacement with plastic card. The new fin and stabilizers were glued to the body in their appropriate locations. The retracted wings were removed from the bottom of the missile, taking care not to remove the pivot point. This left a large hole in the underside of the body which was covered with some plastic card. A large step is created at the rear of the missile. This was faired into the body with plastic rod and super glue, and sanded down to make a nice gradual slope to the back of the missile. The retracted intake was removed so that it could be replaced with an intake in the extended mode. The new intake was obtained from the spares box. It started out as the supercharger intake for a Ta-152H fighter. It was cut down and sanded to size, and then glued to the body of the missile. It was then blended into the body with super glue. A pitot was fashioned from some plastic rod and card, and glued to the nose. The wings were made with plastic card, cut to size and sanded to an airfoil shape. As you can see they are very narow in chord. The wings molded on the missile, as it comes from the box, are quite wide in chord and totally incorrect. The engine exhaust was drilled out, and plugged from the inside of the body to prevent being able to see into the interior of the missile. I wanted to have the missile sit on a dolly, but none are supplied in the B-1 kit. A browse of the web located enough pictures that I was able to fashion one from plastic sheet and rod. The missile was painted an overall Light Ghost grey, the pitot was painted a Medium grey. The yellow warning line was done with decal strip. The dolly was painted Olive Drab.

Base kit: Twelve Squared and Monogram
Scale: 1/72
Model by: Al Magnus
Photo by: Al Magnus