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Manufacturer: EVA Models
Name: Apollo XVII Astronaut Harrison Schmitt
Scale: 1:32
Kit contents: 9 resin pieces, including base
1 steel wire
3 styrene strips
instruction sheet
Comments: The pieces are solid cast resin, with crisply molded fine details. And the details are most excellent. The parts are on solid plugs, which are easily removed with a razor saw. They are also keyed, so assembly is very straightforward. The wire piece represents the backpack antenna, while the styrene strips are used to build the scoop handle. The base has a molded-in trench to represent the discovery of orange soil on the moon by Schmitt. The instruction sheet contains general kit instructions along with detailing the steps required to build the aforementioned handle. A color photograph of the completed kit serves as an assembly and painting guide. No decals are included in the kit, but they are available separately.
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(as of 3/17/98)

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