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Manufacturer: EVA Models
Name: Lunar Roving Vehicle
Scale: 1:32
Kit contents: 91 resin parts
23 photoetched metal parts
metal rod
3 sizes plastic rod
wire mesh and resin former for HGA
resin base
list of NASA URLs
Comments: The kit parts are immaculately molded with very fine and crisp details. The resin parts are still attached to their pour plugs. The only flash evident on my parts is a very thin layer between the seat back webbing. Although there are some internal pinholes visible in some of the thinner parts, there are none on their surfaces. The detail in this kit is superb! The sample container bags even have rocks molded into them. There's also an optional part to represent the Apollo 17 fender repair. The tires have a wire mesh pattern molded in place (the real LRV tires were essentially made of piano wire), with photoetched parts providing the treads which are detailed down to the rivets. Detailed instructions are provided on how to build up the High Gain Antenna using the included wire mesh, resin former, plastic and metal rod, and incredibly detailed and delicate resin and photoetched parts. You'll have to provide your own material for cabling: any fine braided cord or thread should do. I may try thin solder... The instructions include text details for attaching the photoetched wheel treads and building the suspension. The primary portion of the instructions consist of beautiful multi-step exploded views. Each step also includes a painting guide for the parts; some steps have extra detailed notes. The instructions also include something that I'd like to see with more resin kits: a drawing of all the kit parts with their pour plugs shaded so you will know exactly what to remove! Each part is also numbered, so it's easy to match the part to their corresponding part numbers in the instructions. The kit includes two superb astronaut figures, one in a seated position while the other is standing. Also included is an EVA Models decal sheet, so you can dress your figures as any of the LRV crews and have lots of decals left over for more projects... a pretty good deal. The final touch is a list of URLs of NASA photos of the LRV for reference. All this is enclosed in a sturdy box with photos of a completed kit that also helps as a painting and assembly guide.
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(as of 7/1/98)

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Sven Knudson