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Manufacturer: EVA Models
Name: 2001 Discovery Astronaut - Antenna Diorama
Scale: 1:35
Kit contents: 13 resin pieces
1 length steel wire
printed backdrop
instruction sheet
Comments: The pieces are solid cast resin, with crisply molded fine details. The parts are still attached to their pour plugs: you'll have to be really careful freeing some of the more delicate pieces. There's also a very slight bit of flash on a couple of the parts. There are no visible airholes. An extra hand part holding an AE-35 unit is included: you'll have to cut off the hand already molded onto the arm. The instruction sheet includes generic instructions for assembling a resin kit, along with an exploded drawing showing how all the parts fit together. The drawing and accompanying text provide details for placing the decals. The instructions also detail how to build a display stand using foam core board (not provided), the printed backdrop showing the Discovery's antenna, and the steel wire.
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(as of 11/13/01)

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Sven Knudson