EVA Models Decal Set

For fans of the EVA Models astronaut figures (and even for those who aren't fans...), there's a new decal set designed to complement the 1/32 scale figures. EVA Models decalThis set (custom printed by MicroScale) contains all the markings you'll ever need to make that moonbase diorama cook! It includes mission patches for each of the lunar missions (including Apollo 13), flag decals for the shoulders and for the back of the PLSS, wrist checklists(!), name tags, for cryin' out loud! And even little earth images for the visors! The quality of these decals is just tremendous: I can almost make out the individual names on the nametags... It's gonna be a shame to cut them up and use them. My only complaint about the set (and it's rather minor) is that there is no diagram to show where the various markings are to be placed. So you'll have to dig up some reference photos to determine that for yourself. But what the hell... the research is a major part of the fun of this hobby, at least for me.

A rather amusing bit is that the reflected whole earth is also included with the decals for the Shuttle's MMU: I don't think they were quite that far away. But the other decals, including the mission patch for the first MMU test flight, are perfect for the Bruce McCandless EVA Models figure.

There are two sets of decals for each Apollo mission (the Apollo 13 set doesn't include flag patch or PLSS water reservoir decals, though), two sets of decals for the Shuttle MMU, and three large flag decals for display bases, so one sheet should last a Long Time. And if you're as slow as I am (I really need to finish those kits I started last year...), they'll last the rest of your life.

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Sadly, Chris Chulamanis, the owner/operator of EVA Models passed away suddenly in January 2008, so these decals are no longer available as far as I know.
Sven Knudson