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Manufacturer: Crows Nest Models
Name: Mercury Spacecraft - Window Version
Scale: 1:32
Kit contents: 71 resin parts
1 resin escape tower assembly jig
15 photoetched parts
6 cast metal parts
5 clear parts
#20 craft wire
thin craft wire
marking guides
Comments: The resin parts are superbly molded with crisp details and no visible airholes. There is some flash on a lot of the parts that will require some minor cleanup. Some parts will also need to be removed from their pour plugs. The main capsule part has remarkable detail molded into both the interior and exterior surfaces and no sign of a seam. The escape rocket part in my kit does have a seam that will need cleanup. Parts are included to depict both the launch configuration with an escape tower or in flight with the periscope and destabilizing flap deployed. Parts for a completely detailed interior are also included, as is an astronaut figure. Two different instrument panels are included: one with the periscope and one without. The resin rocket nozzles are nicely hollowed out and, in the case of the escape tower jettison rocket nozzles, quite delicate. Cast metal parts make up the escape tower legs, aerodynamic spike, and cooling hoses, and have a minor seam that will need cleanup. A resin jig is included to help assemble the escape tower. Small bits of clear rod depict the interior lights or you can install a separate lighting kit for real interior lights, also available from Crow's Nest Models. Craft wire is included to depict interior cabling and the cabling on the retrostraps. A complete set of decals are provided by Space Model Systems, printed for Crow's Nest Models by MicroScale. A photo showing the kit parts, an advertisement for the interior lighting set, and marking guides for the spacecraft and escape tower by David Weeks are also included. What's not included are the actual assembly instructions, which must be downloaded from here. They are well illustrated with step-by-step instructions. But the real gem to be downloaded is Phil Smith's Guide to Building the Crow's Nest Mercury Spacecraft. It is profusely illustrated with drawings and photos and has great text descriptions of how to assemble the kit, including the interior lighting.
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