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Manufacturer: Collect-Aire
Name: Bell X-2
Scale: 1:48
Kit contents: 51 resin pieces
1 vacuformed part
23 white metal parts
10 photoetched parts
brass tubing
information article
Comments: The resin parts have a somewhat rough surface finish, with some pin holes and a lot of flash. Parts are included for all versions of the aircraft: early glider version, flush rocket nozzles, extended nozzles, different horizontal stabilizers, etc. An extra vacuformed canopy was included in my kit. Parts are also included for a carrying trailer that was used to transport the X-2 while on the ground. The instructions include exploded drawings for all variations. Unfortunately, you have to try to match up the part with the drawing, since the parts themselves aren't numbered. The instructions also include a painting guide. Included in the kit is an uncredited (boo! hiss! xeroxed article from the January 1976 issue of Airpower and the February 1976 issue of Wings magazines. The information is good, but the photos didn't copy very clearly. It would have been nice for the articles to be credited so the modeler could find the original issues to get better photo references. Well, now you know.
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(as of 7/14/00)

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