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Manufacturer: Collect-Aire
Name: Mercury capsule
Scale: 1:32
Kit contents: 37 resin pieces
6 metal pieces
flexible wire
styrene strip
clear styrene sheet
Comments: The resin parts are molded with very crisp details, but are marred by airholes. The thin resin parts for the escape tower and display trailer are very fragile, with lots of flash and many airholes and probably should be replaced by the modeler with styrene rod. The crew cabin is molded as one piece, rather than the more conventional three pieces. The retrorocket and separation rocket nozzles are represented by nicely molded metal parts. The wire and styrene strip are to be fashioned into the retropack straps, using templates provided in the instructions. The wire can also be used at the base of the escape tower legs. The instructions include exploded drawings of each major subassembly: crew cabin, escape tower, and the display trailer. The decals appear to be the wrong scale: the UNITED STATES and US flag markings look to be about 1:72, while the Friendship 7 logo looks a bit too large. There are also a couple of Stars and Bar markings, as well. A text assembly tips and painting guide complete the instructions.
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(as of 7/14/00)

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Sven Knudson