2002 Austin Scale Model Show

For the first time in three years, I was finally able to attend the Austin Scale Model Show, which was held on August 24, 2002, at the Crockett Center. I hung around the Austin Area Rocketry Group's vendor tables, which happened to be close to the Real Space Entries location. While total model entries seemed lower than previous years, the Real Space category was very nicely populated. David Carlton swept the awards with his very beautifully done renditions of pioneering rockets. AARG itself was represented with a Group Entry of their large scale Hawk anti-missile missile. Video of its flight at the 2002 Large Dangerous Rocket Ships high power rocketry meet were shown at our table. People were mightily impressed...

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Ninfinger self portrait
Sven Knudson, IPMS#32490

Posted September 18, 2002