LM Variations

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image/ lm atm 01.jpg
Apollo Telescope Mount 01, "Stellar ATM" (Space World magazine, June 1972 (vol I-6-102), "Lunar Module Derivatives for Future Space Missions," pp.58)
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image/ lm atm 02.jpg
Apollo Telescope Mount 02 (Kenneth Gatland, "The Pocket Encyclopedia of Spaceflight in Color: Manned Spacecraft," 1967, p.230)
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image/ lm atm 03.jpg
Apollo Telescope Mount 03 (Philip Bono & Kenneth Gatland, "The Pocket Encyclopedia of Spaceflight in Color: Frontiers of Space," 1969, p.28)
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image/ lm atm 04.jpg
Apollo Telescope Mount 04 (Bono & Gatland, "Frontiers of Space," p.30)
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image/ lm atm 05.jpg
Apollo Telescope Mount 05 (Sky & Telescope magazine, March 1968 (vol.35, no.3), "Atmospheres Surrounding Manned Spacecraft," p.152)
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image/ lm mobile 01.jpg
MO-LM (Mobile LM) Grumman study [no ascent stage, used by crew from LM Taxi] (Charles R. Pellegrino & Joshua Stoff, "Chariots for Apollo: The Making of the Lunar Module," 1985, plates btwn. pp.176-177)
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image/ lm shelter 01.jpg
LM Shelter [lands unmanned & "waits" up to 60 days, no ascent engine to add more equipment, used by Taxi crew, habitable for 14 days] (Space World, June 1972, pp.55-56)
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image/ lm taxi 01.jpg
LM Taxi #1 [normal LM shuttling astronauts to moon to use LM Truck/Shelter, able to "wait" on moon for 14 days] (Space World, June 1972, p.52)
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image/ lm truck 01.jpg
LM Truck #1 [ascent stage replaced by cargo carrier for rover, supplies, etc. up to 5,300 lbs., unmanned but used by Taxi crew] (Space World, June 1972, p.53)
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image/ lm truck2 01.jpg
LM Truck #2 [unmanned, ascent stage replaced by payload section for 9,000 lbs., used by Taxi crew for up to 14 days with LM Shelter] (Space World, June 1972, pp.55-56)
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