Quick Looks

Manufacturer: Anigrand Craftswork
Scale: 1:72
Kit contents: 22 resin pieces
Comments: This kit contains parts to make four different X-planes (or missiles, in this case). Since the missiles themselves are rather small, parts for dollies for each of the missiles are also included. The parts for each missile and dolly are packed in separate ziplock bags. The resin parts are solidly molded, with crisp details and engraved panel lines. There are mold seams on the missile parts, but they have been removed from their pour plugs. The dolly parts and fins are still attached to their sprues and will need considerable cleanup. There is also some flash on the parts that will need to be cleaned up. There are no visible airholes on the missile parts, but some of the dolly parts have a few. Assembly instructions are minimal, consisting of photos of the assembled missiles on their respective dollies, with each part named. A painting and decal guide, along with a short history of each program finishes out the instruction sheet.
Order from: Anigrand Craftswork
P.O. Box 89571
Kowloon City, Kln
email: email@anigrand.com
web: http://www.anigrand.com/
(as of 6/18/07)
$58 + shipping

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Sven Knudson