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Manufacturer: Anigrand Craftswork
Name: Douglas D558-2 Skyrocket
Scale: 1:72
Kit contents: 20 resin pieces
1 clear vacuformed pieces
Comments: The resin parts are crisply molded with engraved panel lines and a smooth surface finish. The left fuselage half in my sample has a few airholes that will need to be filled. There is some minor flash on some parts and the pour plug remnants will need to be removed from some of the parts. Cockpit detail consists of a pilot's seat and control column. The instruction sheet includes an exploded view assembly drawing with parts list, a short program history and a three view painting and decaling guide.
Order from: Anigrand Craftswork
P.O. Box 89571
Kowloon City, Kln
email: email@anigrand.com
web: http://www.anigrand.com/
(as of 5/10/06)
$30 + shipping

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Sven Knudson