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Manufacturer: Anigrand Craftswork
Name: Convair X-11/X-12/XB-65/SM-65/CGM-16/Atlas ICBM
Scale: 1:72
Kit contents: 22 resin pieces
Comments: The resin parts are crisply molded with finely engraved panel lines, some molding gunges and a few airholes. The missile airframe and booster skirt are molded as hollow halves. Optional parts are included to represent the Atlas A (originally designated the X-11), the Atlas B (originally X-12, then XB-65, then XSM-16), and Atlas D ICBM (CBM-16D). My sample also had extra vernier engines. All three of the nose cones have a prominent seam: some way worse to deal with than others. Most of the resin parts have been removed from their pour plugs, but there's still some minor cleanup work that needs to be done, particularly along the mating edges of the hollow halves and around the removed pour plugs. The instruction sheet consists of a short program history, a parts list with exploded assembly drawing, a photo of an Atlas D in its bunker, and a painting and decaling guide. A curious thing is that the engine bells look remarkably similar to the same RealSpace Models parts...
Order from: Anigrand Craftswork
P.O. Box 89571
Kowloon City, Kln
email: email@anigrand.com
web: http://www.anigrand.com/
(as of 11/19/06)
$58 + shipping

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Sven Knudson