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Manufacturer: AMK
Name: Progress M/M
Scale: 1:72
Kit contents: 9 resin parts
11 photoetched parts
brass stock
steel nail
Comments: This kit depicts a proposed modification to the Progress unmanned supply spacecraft. The resin parts are solid, with crisp details and a small amount of flash. Thermal blankets with their stitching are nicely cast. There are a number of airholes in the flared base of the main part in my kit. As with most resin kits, the parts need to be removed from their pour plugs and cleaned up. You will have to remove some resin which protected some more delicate details during shipping on the main part. The areas to be removed are shown on the instruction sheet. A couple of parts need to be fabricated using the brass stock: there's a separate sheet that details how to do so. The instructions are primarily graphical, with explanatory text in Italian. Using automated translation tools on the web lead to some interesting results, but experienced modelers shouldn't have too many problems figuring things out. There are several views shown of the assembly procedure, with the parts called out by number (for the resin/brass parts) or letter (for the photoetched parts). The box has a photo of the completed kit, which is the only painting and decal guide in the kit. But since this was a proposed variant of the existing Progress, you can probably get away with emulating the existing Progress painting scheme. There are other photos of the model posted at http://www.ninfinger.org/models/html_pix/amkprogress.html that also will be helpful in assembling and painting the kit.
Order from: For ordering and availability information, see AMK's YouTube channel: AMK Astronautic Model Kit.

or email: amk-kits@libero.it
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(as of 5/20/09)

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