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Manufacturer: Fantastic Plastic
Name: Convair Super Nexus with Saturn V
Scale: 1:700
Kit contents: 29 resin parts
2 resin bases
Comments: This is the first of a series of kits of proposed super boosters that would have dwarfed the Saturn V. Therefore, this kit contains a Saturn V in the same scale as the proposed Convair Super Nexus booster showing how massive the new rocket would be. The Saturn V consists of 12 resin parts which are molded with fine details. The main rocket body parts are a bit warped in my kit, so they will require flattening with hot water. There are no visible airholes in the parts. The Super Nexus has 27 resin parts. The parts are not solid which cuts down on the weight of the model, but has caused them to become have warped in my kit. Reshaping in hot water should fix that. There are also some molding gunges and flash that will need cleanup, along with a rather prominent seam on the lower section of the Super Nexus. Some of the parts are still on their pour plugs. The instructions consist of a couple of exploded drawings and photographs of the completed models, along with suggested paint patterns. Decals are by Tango Papa and provide markings for both rockets. The final marking and paint scheme for the Super Nexus is left up to the modeler.
Order from: Fantastic Plastic
625 Rhine Lane
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

email: fantasticplast@aol.com
web: http://www.fantastic-plastic.com/
(as of 11/21/21)
$120 plus shipping

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